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The orchid Phalaenopsis (white)

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One of the most popular indoors plants, this orchid is native to tropical Asia, Indonesia and Oceania. It is also typically hardier than other species of orchids.

Watering. In the period of flowering one should water Phalaenopsis regularly and heavily; during other periods - moderately. The roots of Phalaenopsis are sensible to too plenty of moisture. However out of periods of flowering soil must not dry up. It is desirable before the next watering to feel soil on a depth approximately one the phalanx of finger. Watering is carried out only with defend (12 hours) and soft water of room temperature. For Phalaenopsis sprinklings are useful in the period of flowering – mainly it’s down part with leaves, avoid sprinkle flowers - dark patches can appear on them. 

Illumination. Intensive enough, but without the direct exposure to sunlight.  A height is approximately 70 cm, a diameter is 40 cm 

Delivery. Delivered in a plastic pot, you can order a ceramic pot separately in our gift section.


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