Same day flower delivery to Kiev guarantee if ordered before 18.00 GMT+2:00 Only fresh cut flowers.

Helium balloons - for  a great mood all day long. Available for delivery to Kiev, Kiev region and major Ukeainian cities.

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Do you need reliable, fast and affordable flower and gift delivery in Ukraine? You are in the right place. Our beautiful flower arrangements and carefully selected gifts are delivered by couriers across Ukraine. We make sure that your orders are delivered safely, on time and in perfect condition. Searching for flowers to Kiev in Russian - please visit

Balloons - delivery to Kiev and other ukraine cities.

Helium balloons with delivery to kiev  - bright attribute any holiday. Wedding, Birthday, a significant event in the life of each person always decorate balloons. We can deliver balloons early in the morning your dear recipients, deliver your child to kindergarten or to confess balloons in love on Valentines Day. Delivery  is possible in Kiev, Kiev suburbs and other cities of Ukraine. Delivery to regional centers made day-to-day, remote towns and villages balls delivery is best to book a few days. Order delivery balloons possible through the form on the website or by phone +38044 227-56-71. If you want to congratulate with balloons friends or relatives in another city - we can add a greeting card or a bouquet of flowers and make delivery at a specified time and place. There is nothing worse than a cheap balloons. Cheap rubber balls, which contain not pure helium and helium mixture with air in a few hours turned into a pile of debris on your floor. We offer our customers only high quality Italian latex (the ball) and the best (Class A +) helium made in Russia. In our work, we do not use a mixture of helium and air, our bulbs are filled only with pure helium. Besides all the balls that we deliver (except orders in the early morning), we are treated with special non-toxic solution - it increases the duration of the flight of the ball at 2-3. How many fly balls? This is one of the most popular questions. Bulb size 10 inches (25 cm) flying an average of 10 hours. Flight Duration ball depends on many factors - temperature during puffing, ambient temperature and the temperature difference, humidity, quality and structure of the latex, the quality of the filler (helium), weight ribbons and more. A very important factor is the availability of processing Hi-Float. On one side of the treatment increases the weight of the ball a few grams (which naturally bad) on the other hand prevents the exit processing helium ball outwardly through the wall. Usually treatment increases the flight of the ball at 2-3. We can not guarantee you how many fly balls - we can provide you with only high quality latex, helium, and quality service. Usually our bulbs with handling fly from one day to 2 weeks.